Oil Filled Distribution Transformer

It is essential to remember that several kinds of transformers, like air-core transformers, isolation transformers, oil type transformers, etc., play an integral role in every industry. However, Oil Type Transformers are mostly used in electrical substations and power distribution. Windings and magnetic circuits of an oil-type transformer are immersed in oil which effectively insulates and cools the instrument, delivering optimal equipment performance in several applications used in distribution networks, small-scale industries, and renewable energy generation.


  • Capacity : Up to 5000 kVA
  • No. of Phases : 3 Phase
  • Frequency : 50 Hz
  • Voltage Range : 11 KV
  • Tapping : +5% to -5% Taps on HV Side in steps of 2.5% each

Optional Feature:

  • Purpose and Scope
  • The items will be installed outdoors/ indoors and will be exposed to and must be able to withstand all environmental conditions.
  • All sharp points on transformer exterior will be removed to prevent injury.
  • All bolts nuts and washers (fasteners, studs, lifting lugs etc.) will be to Australian Metric Standards and be stainless steel Grade 316 or 304.
  • The transformers will be suitable for loading in accordance with AS 2374
  • the transformers will not be pressurised or incorporate gases other than air.
  • Enclosure of IP 23 to IP 33 as per the requirements
  • All surfaces will be designed to prevent the accumulation of water.