Magnitude designs and manufactures distribution and power transformers. Magnitude’s expertise in designing transformers for cost effectiveness with assured performance differentiates from its competitors. Magnitude’s engineers will assess individual needs and recommended a solution that is cost effective, environment friendly and integrates smoothly with existing systems.

“Every transformer comes with an industry leading guarantee and a dedicated after sales service. Magnitude is known for its service excellence and the service is branded as Customer First! Guaranteed Service.”


  • Our Vision

    To create new benchmarks in the highly demanding and critical areas of Manufacturing Power & Distribution Transformers and allies products and cater to a wide range of customers in the Domestic and International markets.

  • Our Mission

    The Company has a strong R & D Base that complements the manufacturing, quality control and testing facilities that are headed by highly experienced engineers and qualified personnel that ensure high quality control and attention to detail.

  • Quality

    Magnitude is an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company. Quality is central to our business. The focus on quality begins with identification of raw materials, regular inspection, testing and validation before it is delivered. Creating an excellence environment, systematic core assembly process and use of advance ovens ensures manufacture of high quality transformers. We are equipped with state of the testing facilities to perform all routine and special tests. These include 100Hz frequency generator for carrying out DVDF test and capacitor bank for load loss test. We are also equipped to carry out heat run test on transformers up to 5MVA.

Magnitude is committed to the highest levels of excellence. With Magnitude, customers are assured of a transparent business partner, high quality product and on-time deliveries. Strategically, Magnitude has focused on being high quality, responsive, cost effective manufacturer. All of Magnitude’s products are designed, constructed and rated to meet or exceed the standards established by IS, CBIP, REC, BS, NEMA, IEC & ANSI.


Total Solutions:

  • Magnitude understands the industry direction and is now pioneering the concept of total solutions in the field of energy for industrial segment and builders.
  • We passionately brand our total solutions as “MAGIC”. With MAGIC, you are rest assured of peace of mind.
  • Magnitude will take care of end to end solutions – from transformer to switchgear to cables to concrete poles to installations and commissioning!
  • The customer has one point of contact for empowering power to the operations!
  • Management Team:

    Magnitude is a professionally managed company. The founder chairman & director of Magnitude have more than 15 years of experience in the field of transformer design, manufacturing and sales. The company started small and is now growing very fast. Magnitudes entire growth is organic. Magnitude has an advisory board constituting well known professionals & industrialists from various sectors like IT, Chemical industry and universities. The advisory boards helps in strategizing new growth and fine tuning the current operations to ensure that the customer gets the best benefits. It also helps in adopting the latest manufacturing technologies, defining the key performance indicators, keeping in view of the benefits the customer would get in the long term.

    Product Offering

    Magnitude manufactures high quality Distribution, Power and Furnace Transformers. A wide range of ratings are available to choose from different categories, types and voltage class. Magnitude manufactures transformers using both copper and aluminium conductors. The table below indicates the standard categories and types of transformers currently manufactured by Magnitude.

    CategoryTypeRating/ CapacityClass
    DistributionOil Cooled25kVA – 5000kVA11kV
    PowerOil Cooled3000kVA – 8000kVA66kV
    DistributionDry50kVA – 3000kVA11kV
    FurnaceOil Cooled5000kVA5kA

    Technical Capability:

  • Our superior design capability ensures that our customers have transformers with assured performance.
  • We have a team of specialists who would understand the requirements of the customers and come out with custom designs to cater to specific needs.
  • The design of these transformers are undertaken by qualified and experienced team of design engineers who have continuously excelled in offering customized solutions to an increasingly wide customer base.
  • The design process is carried out on advanced engineering software which facilitates quick execution of complex designs.
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