Custom Designed Transformers

We offer a range of transformers like power transmission transformers, 3 phase transformers, voltage converter power transformers, etc. for varied type of industries. Industries can use it for supplying power from an alternating current power grid to equipment, which uses a different voltage or electric power transmission over long distances. We also offer customized solutions as per specific requirements.


  • Core: Core-Type Transformer
  • Size : Customizes
  • Usage : Transportation
  • Cooling Type: Dry Type/Air Cooled

Customised Transformers

Furnace Duty transformers

Furnace transformers are used to feed electric furnace used to melt and refine materials. Furnace transformers are associated with very high secondary currents and wide output voltage regulation in order to cope with the furnace needs.

Rectify Duty Transformers

In a rectifier, we receive an oscillating AC source which has to be converted into a constant DC source to do that we need to convert the high voltage to a constant low voltage. Wiring in the step-down transformer is in the ratio , which reduces the voltage times.

Isolation Transformers

Isolation transformers provide separation from the power line ground connection to eliminate ground loops and inadvertent test equipment grounding. They also suppress high frequency noise riding on the power source.